Presentation Primary School Warrenmount is a progressive school in one of Dublin’s oldest areas, The Liberties. We have more than 300 pupils and a staff of 25 dedicated teachers. The Principal of the school is  Ms Elaine Conroy. More than 26 nationalities are represented in our school. We have an  Early Start Unit catering for  about 30 pre-school children. We have a  computer room (recently refurbished and fitted with new computers), a PE hall, a  well stocked library and about 30 laptops for the use of the students. There is  an Interactive Whiteboard in every classroom.



Parent- Teacher


Parent Teacher meetings will take place on Monday the 17th,Tuesday the 18th and Wednesday the 19th of November.

All children will go home at 1.30pm on these days.

We look forward to seeing you all then.


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Monday September 22nd to Friday  September 26th is Cyberbullying Awareness Week in our school. Classes from 2nd to 6th will learn about Cyberbullying and how to deal with this issue.

The Community Garda will give a talk to the children from 5th and 6th Class as part of the Garda Connect with Respect Programme


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School re-opens at 9.00am on Monday the 1st of September for a full day.  For exceptions see note below.

School Times for

Junior  Classes.

Junior InfantsMonday 1st of September to Friday 12th of September  9.00am to 12.00. From Monday the 15th of September onwards the Junior Infant day is from 9.00 to 1.40pm  except for notified closings holidays etc…

All 1st classes go home at 1.40pm from the 1st of September until Friday the 12th of September. Home time from Monday the 15th of September will be at 2.40pm.



  Early Closing on Friday the 20th of June at 1.40pm.

 To mark Sr. Breeda’s retirement, the children and staff will have a celebration in the school hall on Friday the 20th of June at 1.00pm.  All pupils from Early Start to 6th Class will go home at the end of the celebration at 1.40pm.  The office will be closed between 1.00pm and 1.40pm. 

All children will go home at 1.40pm.

International Day May 29th 2014

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Gymnastics Display May 2014

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Sport’s Day May 2014

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Sports Day May 2014


The school will be closed on Monday June 2nd. We will re-open at 9.00am on Tuesday May 3rd

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Congratulations to the girls in Second Class who made their First Holy Communion on Sunday May 11th


The School will be closed for the May Bank Holiday on Monday 5th of May . We will re-open on Tuesday  May 7th at 9.00am.



Easter Holidays

School will close at 12 o’clock on

Friday the 11th of April.

All children will go home at this time.

 School re-opens – Monday the 28th of April at 9.00am 

Please return your Trocaire boxes by Monday the 7th of April as Trocaire staff will collect these boxes prior to the Easter Holidays.

trocaire 2014



St Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Warrenmount on Friday the 14th of March


Enjoy some clips of our Saint Patrick’s Day concert

Ireland’s Call

An Leipreachán

Star of the County Down

imagesTDWXT2Y7imagesTDWXT2Y7Belle of Belfast City

There will be a Colour Day on Friday the 14th of March.Children may wear green white and orange outfits or wear their own clothes. Normal School times will apply on Friday the 14th of  March. 



A concert ,with 2nd to 6th Class girls participating ,will take place in the school hall on Friday the 14th of March at 11.30am. Parents are welcome to drop in.



The school will be closed on Monday the 17th and Tuesday the 18th of March





School Closed on Thursday the 20th &  Friday the 21st of February. School re-opens on Monday the 24th at 9.00am.


 Completed application forms  for entry into Junior Infants  in September 2014 must be returned to the school  by February the 28th,  2014. Please include a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

ready for school

Parents wishing to visit the school may contact our Home School Teacher Ms O Reilly on 4530203 or 4539547 to make an appointment. You are welcome to bring your child along if you wish. .

Minister Ruairi Quinn visited the school on Thursday January 9th and met with children in the school library to talk about the Book Rental Scheme


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minister 2



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Staff in Warrenmount Primary School

merry christmas snowman

Some photographs from this week

DSCF0429 DSCF0443DSCF0470

                                                            Christmas Holidays       

School Closing at

12.00 Noon on Friday the 20th of December for Christmas Holidays.

 All children will go home at this time.

School Re-opens on Monday

the 6th of January 2014 at 9.00a.m.

christmas concert

     Christmas  Concerts  in December.

Parents and families are invited to these performances which take place in the hall. The Early Start plays will be performed in their classroom.

Monday 16th Dec    11.00am Senior Infants        1.00pm  1st and Second Classes

Tuesday 17th Dec10.30am Early Start   11.00am Junior Infants    1.30 Early Start

Wednesday18th Dec  11.00am  3rd 4th 5th and 6th Classes

                                                                        Cake Sale.

A very special, ”Well Done

to Ms Lindon  and the girls of Fifth Class for holding a very successful Cake Sale on Friday the 29th of November.

They raised over €1,300.00 which will be

divided between “Crumlin Children’s Hospital” and “The Philippines Disaster Fund.”

A big thanks also to the children and parents who supported this fund raiser.



Cake Sale 

Friday 29th of November 2013  at 9.00am

cakes, toys, bread, bric a brac, raffles.



Parent- Teacher


Parent Teacher meetings will take place on Monday the 18th,Tuesday the 19th and Wednesday the 20th of November.

All children will go home at 1.30pm on these days.

We look forward to seeing you all then.

Photographs of Junior Infants will be

professionally taken on

Wednesday the 16th of October 2013.

Children must be wearing their full

uniform on the day.

Parents must sign a permission form in order to have their child’s photo taken. This will be sent out by the class teacher. A photo pack will cost 25 euro and will include one large photo, one medium photo and one small photo. A group photo will also be taken and will cost 10 euro.

We cannot take a photo of your child without the 

permission slip and money.


A special welcome to all our new

pupils and teachers!

From Principal Ms Elaine Conroy & all the staff of

Warrenmount Primary School !






Spiritual Celebration. 

On Friday the 28th of June we will be having our end of school year, spiritual celebration, for all faiths from 11.00am. 

Communion girls may wear their communion dresses if they wish. 

All children will go home at 12 o’clock





Our Principal

Margaret Ryan Retires.


Special School Closing Times on Friday the 21st of June .


Sixth Class Graduation.


The graduation Ceremony for 6th Class girls will take place in the Hall on Tuesday the 25th of June at 7.00pm. The agenda for the evening is as follows:  Mass with Fr. Martin at 7.00pm, refreshments in the Art Room and then the graduation show performed by the girls in the hall. Each pupil may invite two guests only as space is limited.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.





The children will be happy to know that  the week of  the 24th of June is colour week !

They may wear their own clothes for the week.

The children are asked to donate €1 a day or €5 for the week.  The money will be used to help with school funds.  

A special Mass will take place on Friday the 21st of June at 12.00 Noon, to mark Ms Ryan’s retirement. 

All Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Classes will go home at 11.30am. 

Children from 2nd to 6th Class not attending the Mass will also go home at 11.30am.

All 2nd to 6th Class children attending the Mass will go home after Mass at 1.00pm. 

There will be NO AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS on Friday for any children.



“Heave Ho” Flags away

Declan hoists the Green Flag and the E.U. Flag for the first time on Tuesday June 18th to cheers from staff and pupils who worked hard to achieve them during the year.



Please support the cake sale in the school by having a clear-out and sending in your unwanted toys, books,  bric a brac, The sale begins at 9.ooam on Friday June 7th in the school hall.

School closed on Monday June 3rd and Tuesday June 4th.

Wednesday May 29th International  Day

View clip of children from 2nd and 4th Classes  dancing in the school yard.

Jai Ho Dance



Monday the 20th of May until Friday the 24th May Sports Week.

Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class – 20th of May.

2nd, 3rd & 4th Classes – 21st May.

5th & 6th Classes – 22nd May.

Gymnastics Display – 2nd to 6th Classes – 23rd of May.

Wednesday the 29th of May-

International Day. 


Thursday the 16th of May- Meeting for new Junior Infants from 9-10 in the school hall.


Saturday the 11th of May- First Holy Communion at 11.00am in Francis Street church

The School will be closed for the May Bank Holiday on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th May. We will re-open on Wednesday May 8th at 9.00am.

Monday the 22nd of April until Friday the 23th of April is spring clean week for the Green school committee.

Tuesday the 23rd of April – First Confession Francis Street church at 7.00pm.

Wednesday the 19th of June – .

Boys Graduation 1.00pm until 1.15pm in the school hall

Attendance awards for Junior classes 1.15pm to 1.40pm

Attendance awards for 2nd to 6th 2.00pm to 2.30pm

Friday the 7th of June – 6th Class “Cake Sale”.

Monday the 24th of June until Friday the 28th of June – Colour week – €1.00 p/day or € 5.00 for the week donation to school funds.

Tuesday the 25th of June- Girls Graduation Ceremony.

Friday the 28th of June – Interfaith Celebration.



Easter Holidays

School will close at 12 o clock on Friday the 22nd of March.

 All children will go home at 12 o clock.

School re-opens on Monday the 8th of April at 9.00am.

Parents we would like to draw your attention to a website  called   www.helpmykidlearn.ie  This site is a new website packed full of ideas to help your child laearn every day. Just enter your child’s age and find lots of fun reading writing and maths activities they can do at home.

 CLICK HERE   www.helpmykidlearn.ie

     The school will be closed for mid-term on Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15thof February. 

    Wednesday the 13th is a normal school day. 

     School re-opens on Monday the 18th at 9.00am.

Enjoy the break.   


OPEN DAY Tuesday 5th February 2013

11-12 noon

Come along and see a vibrant school at work

Literacy, Numeracy, Art,  Music, ICT , P.E, and lots more!!!




 The school was delighted to host the  Minister of Education Ruairi Quinn on Monday 28th January who was here to launch the Blue Star Programme and to publicise the Book Rental Scheme,The children looked wonderful on the day and we wish to thank all the parents for their efforts

Some video clips of the day !

Clip of Minister Ruairi Quinn

  Clip of Margaret Ryan’s Speech

Clip of the School Choir

 We wish all our pupils, staff and parents a very Happy New Year

School resumes on Monday January 7th.


Parent/Teacher Meetings will take place on Monday the 19th ,Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st of November 2012.

All Children will go home at 1.30pm on these days



Welcome Back to School

A special welcome to all our new pupils and teachers from Ms Ryan and all the staff